Using Oremus with LSB

Every Monday morning at 7:00 AM we pray Matins at Luther House in Minneapolis. There are only a few who come, but it is always a joy to sing the liturgy and chant the Psalms with those few that do. We’ve been doing this for two years now – and up to now I would spend quite a bit of time each week rummaging through my books, searching the internet, and paging through old hymnals, trying to find readings and collects and other bits of propers to use for the service.

Today I didn’t have to do any of that. I was able to open to the propers for Trinity 15 in Oremus. And that was it. Everything I needed to flesh out Matins was right there. We prayed the liturgy from LSB, chanted the Psalms from Oremus, heard from St. Bernard of Clairvaux, and prayed the ancient collects from the Gelasian and Leonine sacramentaries. And that was from just 2 or 3 of the 740 pages of material in this book.

Oremus really is a great liturgical resource, even for those who will never use it as a breviary or pray the hours every day. It saved me tons of time today. And I can imagine it helping those in charge of leading corporate prayer at churches, seminaries, schools, campus ministries, nursing homes, etc.; not to mention parents at home leading devotions with their families.

Now I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s Evening Prayer service at Luther House. And you know what, thanks to this having this breviary, most of the prep work is already done for that service too. 🙂


It’s Here!

Here at Last!

Here at Last!

The first copy of Oremus: a Lutheran Breviary has arrived from the Publisher. I’m very, very pleased with the way the book looks and the quality of the printing. Thanks! It is so nice to hold 20+ years of work in your hands at last.

You can purchase now through 10% of the proceeds will be donated to ULC’s Build-It-Back fund. Or you can wait a few weeks and purchase it from or other online booksellers.


The first copy!


A look inside