Oops! (a few corrections)

You’ve gone over everything a dozen times. And then, just when you think you have the thing perfected, you discover that you don’t.

A few weeks after publishing Oremus, a friend pointed out that the introductory pages (How to Use this Book) reference additional materials found in the appendices – which don’t appear to exist in the book. They once were there; but had to be removed at the last minute to reduce the page count from 800 to 740 so that the book could be sold on Amazon and not just on Lulu. I thought I had removed the references to these missing appendices, but somehow in the rush to make all of the changes necessary to reach that seemingly unattainable 740 page count I missed them.

The good news is all of these materials will be available shortly on this blog on the “Extras” page. A few of them are there already. The rest will be posted within the next two weeks.

Another friend, the father of one of our students at ULC, was kind enough to point out that the numbering of the hymn index was off. I checked it myself, and sure enough, all of the hymns are now on different pages than they used to be (again, due to the downsizing from 800 to 740 pages). Not only were the hymn page numbers wrong, so were the page numbers on the Index of Patristic Authors. I have now corrected these indices. They can be downloaded from the “Extras” page for those who would like to print them out and insert them in their breviaries.

I’m sure we’ll find a few more errors along the way. When we do, I’ll do my best to address them. Thanks to those of you who have provided helpful feedback and corrections! May our Lord continue to strengthen you all in your prayers.